We are dedicated to the holistic athletic and physical development of young people. Our passion is making champions in the gym, in sport, and in life; while building an environment for all youth — both athletes and non-athletes alike — to aim higher, work harder and be better. We utilise the highest quality coaching with exercise science principles specific to youth and their progressing stages of development to optimise physical development and sport performance, while also reducing the chance of injuries.



1. Athletes inspiring to be the best, get results, maximise performance and reduce injury rates

How many high level youth athletes have you seen burn out and not reach their full potential? How many are sitting on the sidelines injured and not able to train or compete?

If you look closely at the world’s best athletes, they are all investing in their physical preparation. Athletes cannot expect to perform their best without the underpinning physical qualities that make up both their development and their sport. Developing these qualities at a young age is of huge importance when it comes to maximising athletic potential.

At the Youth Athletic Development Academy we believe athletic development and success is multifaceted in nature, with a focus on the following key areas:

Performance: We’re always making sure that each of our athletes have a strong foundation of motor control [technique and movement competency], strength, speed, power, agility, coordination, mobility, flexibility and stability. Integrating these qualities into a long-term plan based on the individual, their stage of development and their sport is crucial.

Recovery: Our focus on recovery entails ensuring each athlete is not only training hard, but also training smart. Athletes must respect the recovery process of getting enough sleep, eating right and monitoring training loads to get the most out of their bodies. Without these key elements, the body simply cannot adapt and recover from training.

Injury Reduction: We prioritise creating robust and resilient athletes with reduced injury rates. We believe this to be the most important aspect of training. Focusing on injury reduction allows athletes to play their sport more often at increased intensities. Nobody wants to sit on the sidelines.

These three strategies — when designed specifically for each individual — has our athletes performing better, enjoying sport more and playing for long-term success.


2. Students looking to be healthy, stay fit and move more

We all know the importance of staying active and fit for our general health and wellbeing. For youth, this is traditionally achieved through sport. However, the reality is that not all students enjoy sport and competition. This causes kids to be physically inactive, lose vital motor skills and be at a higher risk to a whole host of diseases and health problems. That’s why we created an environment for students to enjoy being active while also building upon their confidence levels with their peers.

Our programs are designed to teach students how to develop their fundamental movement skills, improve their fitness and have fun.



Youth Athletic Development Academy athletes are committed to character development, resilience in the face of adversity, and showing respect to all. They take responsibility in the management of their own discipline in regards to health and performance — including recovery, training, nutrition and mindset.

Our athletes understand that results come from intrinsic motivation, consistency, long-term commitment, and a love of the process. Their best effort and attitude is always put forward.

Youth Athletic Development Academy athletes are committed to upholding this culture within their community; striving to positively contribute to this environment while also supporting other athletes in their journey towards becoming their best.

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