March 16, 2020




“Better people create better athletes.”

James Kerr on former NZ All Blacks Head Coach Graham Henry.


The All Blacks success speaks for itself, and in our opinion, the reason they have reached such success comes down to the culture they have created, where each athlete takes responsibility and plays their role with humility and zero ego.

When done right, sport and sport training are the best tools for helping youth develop the skills and mindset necessary to physically and emotionally overcome challenges and be successful throughout their life. Sport and sport training teach them how to deal with pressure and stress, learn from their mistakes, overcome failure and deal with success while staying humble and maintaining respect for others.

Better people [and athletes] are accountable for their actions, take responsibility, pull up the people around them, take criticism well, learn from their mistakes, and have respect for the people around them.

At the Youth Athletic Development Academy, we truly believe that in order to be great, you must have the above traits, attitudes, qualities and behaviours. That is why, when in the gym and on the field, we’re not only working to make you better physically, but we’re also striving to make you better mentally and characteristically. We want to build better people who work together to create an environment where everyone can thrive and develop; both in life and in the sporting arena.

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