The world’s best sporting teams and the most successful sporting organisations all invest in the physical development, athleticism and injury prevention of their athletes, through utilising qualified strength and conditioning experts and performance coaches. Here at YAD Academy, we bring years of experience in the development of youth athletes and teams, and we focus on bringing their performance to the next level. From swimming, soccer and tennis to rugby, netball, surf lifesaving and basketball; our dedication, experience and qualification makes us the number one authority in youth athletic development.



Give your athletes The Edge by organising a workshop for your sporting club, team or organisation. The Edge uses sport and exercise science principles tailored to your organisations specific needs, designed to give your athletes The Edge. We provide your athletes with the knowledge, skills and practical experience needed to optimise their performance, reduce risk of injury, excel in sport and develop successful sporting careers. 

Athletes will learn about:

• Athletic development training

• Injury prevention

• Nutrition for health and performance

• Psychology and mindset

• Recovery

• Warm ups and cool downs

Athletes will also get the opportunity to run through our battery of performance tests, identifying their strengths and weaknesses regarding their physical development.

Get in touch to organise a program specific to your needs and requirements. 



Performance testing is a great tool for coaches to gain an understanding of the physical strengths and weakness that their athletes have. Coaches can use this information to give direction to their programming, in order to develop their athletes weaknesses whilst continuing to facilitate their strengths. 

If you’re not measuring, you’re guessing.

Qualified strength and conditioning coaches and performance testing technicians will come to your club, school or organisation and execute testing. Following this, athlete reports will be emailed to each individual and their coach, discussing their results. Results will be tracked and monitored throughout the athletes career.

What do we measure?

Athlete profile, movement competency, flexibility, reactive speed, speed, agility, power, strength, strength endurance, anaerobic conditioning and aerobic conditioning.

Testing packages:

Champion: Test all physical qualities (10 tests)

Pro: Choose 8 tests

Elite: Choose 7 tests

Grassroots: Choose 6 tests

Get in touch for more information regarding pricing, partnerships, general enquiries and booking.


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