September 8, 2019

Kate Feely



We’re excited to have Sport’s Nutritionist Kate Feely guest posting on the #YADacademy blog today, utilising her extensive knowledge base to chat with you guys about all things nutrition and sport. Thanks, Kate! We’ll have to get you back again to share more of your expertise with us all soon!


Tough training sessions require your body to be well fuelled in order to perform well and get the most out of the session. You will notice a boost in energy levels during the session, and improved execution of the session outlined when you have eaten to fuel prior to the session.

Carbohydrates, such as fruit, bread, rice, pasta, crackers, muesli, oats and cereals, are your best friend when it comes to fuelling for performance. These foods provide your body with glucose that can be used as energy. Keep in mind, however, that there is no need to load up on carbohydrates before training sessions, as long as you have eaten well before.

If you train early in the morning, then having a snack before training can be really useful. If you train in the afternoon, make sure to include some carbohydrate foods in your breakfast and lunch, and you might also find it beneficial to have a high carb snack before you train.

Some popular high carb snacks are:

• A muesli bar

• A banana

• A crumpet with honey

• A pikelet with jam

• A slice of toast with peanut butter and honey

• Some rice cakes with vegemite

Trial these foods prior to training over a period of time, so when it comes to competition day, you know what sits well in your stomach and what will provide you enough fuel to perform.


Kate Feely from Fitness with Food is an Accredited Sports Dietician that has worked with a number of athletes over the years, ranging from adolescents to masters age in a variety of sports at amateur to elite level. She is passionate about nutrition and takes a real balanced approach, so you enjoy what you are eating and are still able to maintain a healthy relationship with food. During her school years Kate competed at State and National level in Cross Country and Athletics, so she knows firsthand how important it is to get your nutrition on track. She continues to run, but nowadays prefers longer distances and has completed 10km runs, half marathons and full marathons, and is now beginning to give triathlons a go. Kate specialises in sports nutrition, gut health and disordered eating. You can visit Kate’s website here.

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