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Our programs are run on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland through St. Andrew’s Anglican College, Good Shepherd Lutheran College and Outside The Box Gym and are open to athletes and students aged 11-18, no matter their level or experience.



Our athletic development training program focuses on the development of the physical qualities that underpin all sports and are essential for optimising performance while reducing injury rates. Students develop qualities such as speed, strength, mobility/stability, endurance, agility and coordination. Classes run from Monday through Friday during term — both before and after school, as well as specialised programs throughout the school holidays. 



Private training is a great option for:

  • New athletes joining the program looking to accelerate their learning curve
  • Higher level athletes needing a more personalised approach
  • Athletes rehabilitating from injury 


Prior to each class, programs are created and ready to go. Throughout the class, athletes run through their individualised programs under the guidance of our coach. Athletes are able to track their progress, monitor training loads and get the specialised training they need to maximise results.



Performance testing is an excellent tool for coaches to utilise in order to gain an understanding of the physical strengths and weaknesses that their athletes have. Coaches can then use this information to give direction to their programming in order to develop upon each athletes weaknesses while continuing to facilitate their strengths.

Our qualified strength and conditioning coaches and performance testing technicians will come to your club, school or organisation and execute testing. Following this, athlete reports will be emailed to each individual and their coach, discussing their results. Results are then able to be tracked and monitored throughout the athletes career.

We measure athlete profile, movement competency, flexibility, reactive speed, speed and agility, power, strength, strength endurance, anaerobic conditioning and aerobic conditioning.



The world’s best sporting teams and the most successful sporting organisations all invest in the physical development, athleticism and injury prevention of their athletes. We can tailor our holistic program and services to suit the requirements and needs of your sporting club, team or organisation — developing your athletes physical capacity and educating athletes, parents and staff on current best practices around topics such as training, nutrition, mindset and sport science. We bring years of experience in the development of youth athletes and teams — focusing on bringing their performance to the next level.