Our athletic development training programs focus on the development of the physical qualities that underpin all sports, and are essential for optimising sports performance while reducing injury rates. Students develop qualities such as speed, strength, mobility/stability, endurance, agility and coordination. All of our programs are run through St. Andrew’s Anglican College Gym and Noosa Springs Resort and are open to all students throughout the Sunshine Coast, no matter their level, experience or age. Classes run from Monday through Friday during term, both before and after school, as well specialised programs throughout the school holidays.


The world’s best sporting teams and the most successful sporting organisations all invest in the physical development, athleticism and injury prevention of their athletes, through utilising qualified strength and conditioning experts and performance coaches. Here at YAD Academy, we bring years of experience in the development of youth athletes and teams, and we focus on bringing their performance to the next level. From swimming, soccer and tennis to rugby, netball, surf lifesaving and basketball; our dedication, experience and qualification makes us the number one authority in youth athletic development.


With the closure of schools, gyms and organised sport clubs, as well as increased social distancing measures, it can be tough to keep youth physically active throughout the day, and even tougher to maintain progression for youth athletes who no longer have access to regular technical development and mobility sessions. We’ve created our online program to suit the current climate, in the hopes that it will make training increasingly accessible to those staying at home, those who live outside of the area in which we run our private training programs, as well as to those across the globe that are looking to join the Youth Athletic Development Academy.



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