The gym can be an intimidating environment for youth who do not know what they are doing. It’s important to learn the ropes before doing any training yourself. This will help to build confidence and teach you about proper gym etiquette and lifting technique to ensure safe and effective training.

In the meantime, here are a few quick tips for newbies to get you started:

1. Don’t get hung up on how much weight you’re lifting. Instead, focus on nailing your technique and earn the right to progress.

2. Focus on training fundamental movements e.g. hinge, push, pull, brace, carry, jump (landing), sprints. Keep exercise selection small and master the basics.

3. Don’t feel like you need to be constantly changing exercises each week/month. Make small changes here and there as you progress, but give your body time to learn and adapt to the program in front of you.

4. Don’t neglect mobility. Make sure your joints have the required range of motion to perform an exercise. If not, adjust the exercise and work on your mobility.

5. Put plenty of time into training the muscles you can’t see in the mirror; e.g. upper back, glutes and hamstrings.

6. Ask for help! I am always more than happy to answer any questions you might have.


Harry Weatherstone is the founder of the Youth Athletic Development Academy and the head Strength and Conditioning Coach at St. Andrew’s Anglican College. He is an ASCA accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach and has a Bachelors Degree in Sport and Exercise Science and Sport Management. Harry has been a sports coach for the last nine years, surrounding himself in high performance sport, athletic development and performance throughout New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and now Queensland. He has dedicated the last six years of his life to creating this movement in youth athletic development; investing countless hours into his own professional development to create the best programs possible for his students, athletes and clients. 

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