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Scarlett loves participating in your classes, whether online or face-to-face! Thank you for keeping her fit and excited to exercise, especially during these times. We are so lucky she has a coach who really knows what's important for the kids to be doing in exercise, but most importantly someone who coaches with such positivity and patience. Thanks Harry!

Cait Wedd

Thank you so much for all you have done for Jae this term. We have really noticed the difference as he has been injury-free (which is a first, as he usually over extends and gets sore hips and knees).

Tracy Evans

Our two boys attend Harry's fitness program as part of their tennis development and they thoroughly enjoy it. Harry connects very well with the children and they always look forward to his sessions.

Veronika Vesela

YAD Academy was recommended to us by my son's physiotherapist when he started complaining of sore knees after running. After a few sessions, we started to see a massive improvement in his form and decided to enrol our daughter in the Kid Fit program too. I have been absolutely blown away at the progress she has made, and the fact that she absolutely loves her gym sessions too. It's a true testimony to Harry's skills as a coach that he can challenge and engage both my active, athletic son and my 'not so fond of sport in general' daughter at the same time. They both love their sessions and making progress at their own pace. I can't recommend Harry highly enough!

Judith Tappenden

Thank you Harry. You helped my 12 year old son recover from his hip fracture, both physically and mentally. His confidence has improved and his knowledge regarding training his body, mental strength, recovery and nutrition. As his mother, I feel, what a fantastic opportunity he has been given to train with you twice a week at St. Andrew's. Fantastic news is that he is back on the football field doing what he loves. Without your help, his recovery could have been longer. I totally recommend you and I thank you so much.

Kathy Pozzobon

I can't believe the physical results of training for both my boys - they are already developing strong defined muscles! I think it is awesome that they are learning to appreciate their own physical capacity and the power of the human body! On top of this, going to two of Harry's classes twice a week has really improved my teenage boys mood, sleep, food choices, overall happiness and attitude to learning and completing school work. They are more motivated to do homework and complain less. When a mum has twin boys in Grade 7, this is gold! Thanks again, Harry - you must be an awesome trainer to be able to inspire my boys to get out of bed at 5:30am on a cold dark winter morning!

Sally James

I just want to let you know that Cooper is loving the fitness classes. He is learning a lot and comes home telling us all about the resistance training and new stretches he is learning to help his strength and flexibility. He also says it's the only day he finishes tennis training and doesn't feel sore the next day. He feels as though it is because of the work he is doing with you. Thank you so much for working with him and teaching him about the importance of fitness, outside of just tennis play. It makes a huge difference. Just thought you should know how big of a difference you are making.

Stacy File

The Youth Athletic Development Academy has been a fantastic addition to both the Noosa Springs and St. Andrews Anglican College Tennis Program. Students who have taken part have shown great improvement. The program complements their tennis and athletic development in creating  strong fundamental movements, core strength, flexibility and on court speed and endurance. Harry provides a fun, supportive and productive environment for all athletes to thrive. I highly recommend the Youth Athletic Development Academy.

Glenn Irwin
Noosa Springs & St. Andrew's Anglican College Tennis

YAD Academy founder Harry Weatherstone has developed a leading, streamline system for long term athlete development, that competes against the best in the world. Harry can coach as technically or simply as any athlete could require, which is a unique skill in and of itself. I’ve been fortunate enough to see this firsthand and know that any program in Harry’s hands will produce incredible results in performance, adherence, lifestyle change and injury prevention! On a personal level, Harry has the skills, knowledge and abilities to coach children from the foundational level through to professional sport. I say this as I truly believe it, and I have been happy to refer athletes to YAD Academy and Harry in the past, and will continue to do so well into the future.

Todd Jarratt

YAD Academy has done wonders for my 11 year old’s confidence and fitness levels. Harry is very supportive. My son comes home after his sessions with Harry and says ‘I can’t believe getting fit could be so much fun’. Highly recommended.

Camilla Eyre

Keelan has been attending Kid Fit sessions since last year and absolutely loves it! He says Coach Harry is the best coach ever and makes it very fun for everyone and explains all the activities so well. Keelan feels that his Kid Fit sessions have helped him to feel stronger and fitter which is a wonderful thing to hear a child say!

Jody Gaul

Our son has been attending Harry’s YAD Academy for approximately two years now and we see it as an essential part of his tennis training. Harry has done a great job setting up a professional program that keeps the kids motivated, whilst providing specific exercises for various sports. We were keen for our son to take part in the YAD Academy as we felt it would help his tennis development, but more importantly, it is a crucial activity for preventing sports injuries.

Neil Penman

The Youth Athletic Development Academy has developed a great program, delivering high quality services to all students. Whether it’s a sport team or individual athlete looking to improve performance and reduce chance of injury, or a student looking to improve health, fitness and confidence. Harry is a very knowledgeable coach and connects very well with all students, parents and staff members.

Steve Robson
St. Andrew's Anglican College
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