The Youth Athletic Development Academy is a sport performance, physical literacy and fitness institute for youth throughout the specific stages of their growth and development. We work with ages 5 through 18, and our programs predominantly service Sunshine Coast based students.


The three pillars of our program are:

1. Youth athletes looking to optimise their sporting performance and reduce risk of injury.

2. Kids needing to improve their physical development, health and fitness, setting them up to be active and healthy throughout their life.

3. Youth looking to lead an active lifestyle through training, improving their fitness and function.


Kids and youth are not just ‘mini adults’. They require different training forms and methods specific to their stage of development. We utilise science-based training principles for youth at each stage of development to help them reap the rewards of a well-designed training program, in a safe and fun environment.


We provide an extremely high level of training for all youth on the Sunshine Coast that hasn’t been seen in the past, or has only been reserved for professional athletes and national academies. We value effort, resilience and respect, above all else.


Get in touch to see how we can help. We would love to have you as part of our community.

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